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Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Few things move more swiftly or change faster than the worlds of computers and information technology. About a decade ago, few people outside the I.T. industry knew the Internet existed. Today, there is no getting around the fact that businesses of all sizes and in all industries have an Internet presence. A website serves as an index of professionalism to the corporate marketplace and to many individual businesses these days. With an estimated four billion web pages online throughout the world, the web is considered to be the fastest growing medium, and the web design consultant who knows design, develops and maintains web sites, is among the most sought-after professionals in the information technology industry.

If you are computer literate and know how to create a website on your own, that's good. But if you are not an expert designer, hire a web design consultant. An Internet web design consultant advices customers about how to create a top-quality website, and actually build that site for the client. Many of the challenges of web design are about creating an effective interface between people and technology. A web design consultant might have to help customers determine technical requirements. The initial work might seem time-consuming, but it will save heaps of time and money in the long run. Some of the items that should be included on the technical requirements document include: Target browsers and operating systems, HTML and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Scripting, Servers and databases, and Bandwidth requirements.

Being a good web design consultant is not enough. Internet consultants need to formulate the website's layout so that information is not only available but also laid out in a logical format. These consultants need to be able to manage the design process and deal with the political aspects of projects. They need to have a good idea who has an interest in a project beyond their immediate contact and who really makes the decisions. They need insights on the working of the clients' organization, so they can ensure that their design solutions can be sold and adopted effectively. Additionally, they need to be vigilant to ensure projects are fulfilling their objectives and that the products will be sustainable.


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