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Linking Strategy
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Linking Strategy

Before you are going to make unnecessary moves or harmful actions with links you should review this Google article about Link schemes

The most important thing to get natural links to your site is the content it must be interesting and useful, it is also important to have within the site structure internal or external links to every page on, Otherwise without the any link pointing to the page it will not be possible to reach the page and it will not indexed by the search engines.

website Link Building is time consuming, frustrating, confusing. but it is SEO must . because ultimately, it's one of the most important way for higher search engines rankings. and way of getting traffic. but everything is measured for time vice benefit. there are many webmasters that still send emails requesting link Exchange. i think this way is particularly too much time consuming compare to other alternatives. we must find a tool or a mechanism to lower the time we need to spend on getting links from other sites. automatic link exchange software tools is my favorite way of linking, as long as it is handled wisely and in great care. 

Next linking alternative is self service link exchange there are a lot of sites that offer that linking service some are almost free, you just need to link to the site they request. another free linking service i include many of the social bookmarking websites &   Directories for example: Live Favorites , DotNet Kicks , Digg , Slashdot , , Yahoo!,Google , Technorati , ma.gnolia , reddit and many others. 
Today there is API that allow you just put one link on one site and the site is broadcasting your link to many other websites automatically. this is a great website linking idea. there is blog plugins that report automatically to other sites when you publish a post on your blog. so next time when you think of linking to your website think automatic, find the most efficient and low time consuming. happy linking!


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