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Guide to Getting Web Design Certification
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Of late, the Internet medium has taken center-stage and with web design professionals in high demand, now is the perfect time to look towards a career in web design, which is definitely the most rewarding and promising industry, with web designers earning $30,000 or more in entry-level positions, and salaries for those with two years of experience averaging $61,000.

According to a magazine survey, most web page designers and even webmasters do not have formal, specific training in how to design web sites. Some have bachelor's degrees, or two-year web design certification degrees from technical schools, or just a high school diploma. The majority taught themselves the basic skills of designing Internet sites. However, while creativity is inherent, expertise is learned! In the dynamic field of web design, the most crucial period is the training.

A college education is not always necessary for a career as a web designer. Instead you can get a degree in computer science, which would include web design certification. Or you could study and get web design certification at a college specializing in professional courses. You may not require a college degree to work as a web designer, since many employers are more concerned with the fact that you know how to design a successful web site. Nonetheless, you could be a step ahead of the competition if you do get a college degree. It could be in computer science, a major in which students learn programming languages and also get web design certification.

Now that the dust has settled after the dot-com rise and its spectacular crash, the Web has become an essential part of standard business practice. We are at the point where we just assume that a business, irrelevant of its size, will have a functional web site. So web design and a steady need for web designers is here to stay. One way to get up to speed quickly is to take a web design certification course. Even if your involvement in web design is purely at the hobbyist level, or if you have just one or two web projects you will find that a introductory web design course is all you need to accomplish the task at hand.

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