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Lowering Web Design Prices
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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If a business decide to outsource its website designing needs, it would usually contract the website out to a professional design company. These companies can charge as low as hundred dollars and go upwards of hundred thousand dollars. It all depends on who the firm is and what type of requirements the business has for their website. When picking a web design firm, a business often gets what they paid for. That means a hundred dollar website may not be as impressive as a business with a hundred thousand dollar website. But this doesn't necessarily always hold true. There are many starving designers who can create impressive looking websites at low web design prices. There are also many web design firms out there who design websites at high web design prices that aren't worth a dime.

Website creation requires the skills of both a web designer and a web developer. Web designers focus on the actual look and feel of the web site. They create the text and graphics that make up a web page, and work with web developers who take the graphics that the designer makes and then generate the website with the necessary scripting or programming. However, developing the web site is just the first step. Maintaining the site can be an ongoing work requiring just as much or more skill and time. In fact, website maintenance is as important as your original web site plan. Therefore, web design prices that anticipate the need to modify and update content to improve performance are desirable.

Businesses realize that bad interface means lost revenue, and hence want to keep their website's content up-to-date, interesting and in web-suitable style. The most effective web sites are those that change and are updated at least weekly or even daily. For instance, prices of products or services may change rapidly, or new products are introduced, while those from inventory that do not sell well are discontinued. Additionally, newer technologies may be introduced to make the web site more alluring or just faster to navigate. Since web sites need constant upgrades, more work is assured for developers/designers, whilst the web design prices keep escalating. But if the design firm provides the tools necessary to update the website, it may be possible to maintain the website in-house, thereby lowering web design prices. Hosting & Servers


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